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The heart and soul of every great event are the volunteers! They are the ones who make the magic happen!

If you are willing to volunteer for a world-class athletic event, please complete the following form.

We need volunteers for different but equally important areas, from athlete support, media, logistics, transport, information offices and many other challenging and exciting areas!



Experience in organizing a world-class event


You will receive your special volunteer t-shirt.


You expand your network and meet wonderful people.


Free food and refreshments while volunteering.


You will receive a volunteer certificate at the end of the action.


And become part of our team!

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Great events are accomplished with great partners that share our passion for sport, healthy life and the joy of people!

Our door is open for new friends and partners, so all you have to do is send us a short email at marketing@bradovrun.roand we will contact you soon.

The benefits of our partners go beyond just branding at the time of the event. Just write to us to discover an infinity of possibilities!

People coming together with their hands to form a heart


We strongly believe that giving back is one of the most powerful ways to grow a strong community.

Soon we will announce the cause we will be supporting at this year's event.


It is imperative not only to promote healthy living, but also to promote a safe and clean environment. That’s why, Brasov Running Festival will be a green event and we will:

Reduces carbon footprint

  • We encourage all participants to come to the event on foot or by bike
  • We encourage those who use cars to gather more in a car
  • We will promote walking between the different parts of the event to get moving and keep a clean environment!
  • We will use cardboard packages for catering
  • We strongly encourage all our guests to use this calculator to see how the carbon footprint works: Footprint Calculator.

We will have strong waste management

  • We encourage everyone to minimize waste produced and recycle
  • We will have recycling areas throughout the event location
  • Our volunteers will show runners and spectators how to recycle
  • After the event we will work with our volunteers to clean up the area

We will minimize food waste

  • We will minimize the food ordered for catering based on the exact number of guests and volunteers
  • We will promote healthy, locally sourced food
  • We will encourage children to follow our advice on food waste and healthy eating