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Brasov Running Festival is also the host of the first Mile competition organized in Romania! And it's not an ordinary race, but an elite one, bringing together some of the best middle-distance runners in Europe!

The next day, the iconic Trunsylvania 10K race, the only Elite Label Race in Romania and Southeast Europe, will be held on the grounds of the Coresi neighborhood!

Athletes from the Romanian athletics clubs will also participate in the Brașov Running Festival races! They can measure forces with their best competitors and will be ranked in special charts!

Runner jumping on the finish line


The soul of Brasov Running Festival remains the passionate amateur runners who will compete in one of the dedicated 10K and 5K races! Juniors and children can run in 800m, 1200m and 3K races!

The route of the 10K race is measured and certified by World Athletics and is located in Brasov, in the CORESI district, the most beautiful and modern urban regeneration project in Romania.

Race Tracks:

Exhausted Marathon Runner during Brasov Running Festival in 2022


have Terms and conditions which you must accept when entering the race. But we have some common sense rules that we all need to follow to ensure that we enjoy safe racing.

We want to see you full of energy, running with friends and family, in the fanciest clothes or in the newest running gear! But we strongly suggest that you pay attention to the runners around you when you run and try not to interfere with anyone's evolution along the way.


All participants must wear their official race number.

Please wear the number on the front of the shirt from start to finish to be recognized as an official participant and to be able to send you photos later. The race numbers of participants are specific personal identifiers and cannot be exchanged or transferred, given or sold to any other person.

The sale and/or transfer of race registrations/numbers is strictly prohibited.

Race results

As soon as the race is over, here you will find out who was the fastest and whether you managed to beat your friends or beat your record!


We provide storage for personal items during the race, but please note that we do not store carts, large bags, bicycles, rollers, etc. We can take care of personal items such as sweaters, hats, shoes and other clothes.

Photo Gallery

We want to present you in all its glory! Here you will be able to find your photos before, during and after the end of the race!

how to get
to braşov

Brasov is a city very well connected by European roads, railways and the newly opened airport.

The distance from Bucharest airport is only 2 hours away, and the travel time by train is almost the same. The distance to the airport in Sibiu is similar in time via the E60 road link.

Brasov Airport is newly opened and new flights are being added every day. Please check the official airport page here: