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Dear friends of Brasov Running Festival

Dear friends of Brasov Running Festival

Dear friends of Brasov Running Festival,

In the process of approving the world record set by Agnes Ngetich in Brasov, a remeasurement was required, which indicated that the route on which the athletes ran on September 10 was 25 meters different from the one on which the race was certified. This difference, although almost irrelevant in relation to the 36 seconds with which Agnes Ngetich broke the world record, makes the result unable to be homologated and ratified as a world record.

Although independent of the organizer, this error could have been avoided, so we will assume it as a team, with dignity and respect for the sport we love so much. We understand that this incident is well below the level of claims of this competition and we will take all measures to ensure that it does not happen again.

Despite this great disappointment, no one can say that he did not witness on the streets of Brasov a world record race. We want this situation not to overshadow the tremendous success that the 2023 edition of our event has had and the fact that this is one of the fastest routes in the world.

Because the true champions always rise, we have already started the process for a new world record attempt. Together with the management of the athlete, we have agreed that this race will be repeated in 2024, on the re-certified track. We invite you to follow us for further information. Let's do it again, Agnes! Let's do it again, Brasov!

Organizing Committee of Brașov Running Festival 2023

“I am disappointed with the news from Brasov and I understand that my records will not be ratified for technical reasons, each of the three laps being shorter by a few meters. As a good Christian, I choose to continue to cherish and manifest my talent and dedication, hard work every day, and I appreciate the opportunity offered by the organizers to run again, on the right track. My team, together with that of the Brasov Running Festival, will look for the best solution so that this new opportunity to confirm my world record is possible as soon as possible.
In Brasov, I ran faster than anyone else before me did, no one can take that away from me, and this must continue to shine in my heart and yours. I will cherish and protect the extraordinary memory of what I experienced in Brasov, while continuing to train, compete, travel, express my talent and sporting abilities.”

AGNES NGETICH (Ken) — Winner of TRUNsylvania International 10K Brașov.

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