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TRUNsylvania International 10K, part of Brasov Running Festival

TRUNsylvania International 10K, part of Brasov Running Festival

Brașov, 12 March 2024

TruSylvania International 10K, part of the Brașov Running Festival competition, also received Elite Label certification for the 2024 edition.

In addition, this is the only 10km Elite Label race in Europe entered, so far, on the World Athletics global calendar. The goal of the competition is to be, and this year, in the top 10 most valuable road running races in the world.

With the success achieved in the last two years, the recognition achieved worldwide and its promotion in more than 142 countries, the TruSylvania International 10K has earned its status as the ideal race for athletes who pursue great performance. The competition, an integral part of the Brasov Running Festival event, also received the Elite Label certification for 2024, which requires a high standard of performance, as well as extremely rigorous conditions regarding its organization. The TRUNsylvania International 10K is currently the only 10 km race in Europe with Elite Label status listed in the World Athletics 2024 calendar. Another 9 European races benefit from this status, but these are marathons and half-marathons.

“We set out to make Brasov Running Festival one of the most important road running events in Europe and to have a full sports show, through the massive presence of the world's top runners. The 2023 edition attracted media interest and received unprecedented media coverage. Moreover, Brașov Running Festival also hosted the National 5K Championship conducted in partnership with the Romanian Athletics Federation, and this year we want to organize the National 10K Championship. Because we were so close to the previous edition, we want to have, once again, a world record attempt,” said Daniel Santa, director of the Brasov Running Festival competition.

Benefits of Elite Label Recertification for Performance Athletes

The Elite Label certification is a recognition of the high standards imposed by World Athletics in athletics competitions to ensure a top experience for elite athletes, but also an extremely high level of performance. Thus, the TRUNsylvania International 10K has proven that it meets the rigorous criteria imposed by World Athletics, being evaluated according to the route, organization, services provided to runners and the participation of world-class athletes.

According to the organizers, Romanian and foreign professional athletes who aim to compete in the TrunSylvania International 10K race, between 21-22 September 2024, they will receive important prizes, aligned to the competitive level, respectively special bonuses for any national, continental or world record recorded. This reconfirmation also positions the race TRUNsylvania International 10Kas a category C competition, in which World Rankings points are awarded, the results of which are approved and accepted by World Athletics.

TruSylvania International 10K — race records in 2024

If last year Agnes Jebet Ngetich, the current record holder in the world of athletics, ended the race in a record time of 29:24, but the performance could not be matched, the organizers of the competition expect that in 2024 she will again try to establish the best world performance of all time, in a 10KM race with exclusively female participation. Agnes will most likely be in close competition with other top athletes from Kenya and Ethiopia, but also with Joan Chelimo Melly and Stella Rutto, the newly naturalized athletes in Romania.

“We very much want the world record of the test, which we were so close to last year, but we will not judge the success of the competition based on this criterion alone. We want, first of all, a sports show and give the chance to as many professional athletes as possible, but also amateurs, to set new records. I think that after last year's surprise, Agnes Ngetich will have serious competition this time, because there will be many other top athletes who will want to participate in the competition. The 4th edition will certainly be an event of proportions and we are excited to reveal to you which athletes will line up at the start. Definitely, however, among them will be the protagonists of the Paris Olympics,” added Daniel Santa.

Brașov Running Festival aims to train the competitive spirit in the men's 10K race, together with the winner of the previous edition, Weldon Langat, who convincingly established himself with one of the fastest times of the year, 27:05.

The next edition of Brașov Running Festival is scheduled for 21-22 September 2024, taking place in Coresi District, Brașov — city ranked 21st in “Top 25 favorite destinations in the world in 2024”, according to Tripadvisor. This gives the organizers hope that many amateur athletes from abroad will also line up at the start.

More details about TrunSylvania International 10K and Brașov Running Festival can be found on event site.

About Brașov Running Festival

Brasov Running Festival is the most important athletics event in the World Athletics calendar, in S-E Europe. The competition, organized in Brașov, starting in 2021, comprises an annual 10 km road race, accredited by the World Athletics Elite Label, entitled “TRUNsylvania International 10K”. In addition to this, the running festival also includes a multitude of other races aimed at amateurs, children, but also professionals.

The races are run on a loop with a length of 3,494 m, using the same finish line, but with starting points that vary depending on the length of the stage. In 2023, Brasov Running Festival also organized for the first time the one-mile race - “European Road Mile”, in which more than 20 European athletes from countries such as Turkey, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria competed.

About TrunSylvania International 10K

The TruSylvania International 10K is a road running race that attracts top professional athletes from around the world. Organized within the Brașov Running Festival competition, this unique race was reconfirmed as an Elite Label competition by World Athletics, consolidating its position in the top international running events of 2024.

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