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Dear friends of the Brasov Running Festival

Dear friends of the Brasov Running Festival

Dear friends of the Brasov Running Festival,

During the homologation process of the World Record set by Agnes Ngetich, that required a remeasurement, it was indicated that the course used in Brașov, on September 10, differed with 25m from the certified circuit. Although barely relevant in relation to the 36 seconds that Agnes Ngetich took from the previous World Record, this difference makes the result technically non-ratifiable.

A mistake has been made and although from factors beyond our control, we will assume it as a team, and we will address it internally, with dignity and respect to the sport we so much love. We understand that such an error is way below the standard of our event, and we will take all the measures so that it never repeats.

Regardless of this huge blow, nobody can say that we did not witness a World Record on the streets of Brașov. We do not want this incident to overshadow the fact that this year's event was an enormous success, and that this course is one of the fastest in the world. 

Therefore, WE WILL DO IT AGAIN! Together with the athlete’s management, we agreed to organize a rerun on the amended course for a new World Record attempt in 2024.  Stay tuned for further information! Let’s do it again, Agnes! Let’s do it again, Brașov! 

The Organizing Committee of Brașov Running Festival 2023

” I am disappointed with news from Brasov that my World Records will probably not be ratified due to technical reasons, each of the three laps being short by a few meters. 
As a Christian, I celebrate my talent and all the hard work and I appreciate the opportunity to rerun, and in cooperation with the Brasov Running Festival and my management we are looking into ways of creating this new opportunity.
I ran faster than anyone before me, and this is something special that needs to continue to shine in my heart. This emotion and memory I will protect as I continue to compete, travel, and express my given talent and athlete abilities.”

Agnes Ngetich (KEN), Winner of tRUNsylvania  International 10K Brașov

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