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Are you ready to run? Everything you need to know to enjoy BRF!

Are you ready to run? Everything you need  to know to enjoy BRF!

We want everything to run perfectly for you at Brașov Running Festival. So here is some information you need to know to enjoy a real show!

For your safety and optimal experience

We have Terms and Conditions that you must accept when you enter the race. But we do have some recommendations that we all need to keep in mind in order to enjoy safe races.

Where does the competition take place?

  • If this is your first time at Brasov Running Festival, you need to know the event takes place in the Coresi district, more precisely on Camil Petrescu Street (here is both the START and FINISH line). You will find route maps displayed in several places to identify exactly the start and finish points. They are properly marked, and our volunteers will be able to guide you whenever you need.
  • From the Brașov train station, to get here, there’s a 15 minutes’ walk in a straight line, crossing Tractorul Park.
  • If you come by car, you have many parking spaces available on Zaharia Stancu Street (Coresi Shopping Resort mall parking), just a 10-minute walk away. There are also parking spaces in the Tractorul Park area, on Turnului Street, but it may be much busier due to other events in the city.
  • It’s essential to get there ahead of time! We hope to find you energetic and ready to conquer the glory in your newest running equipment! We strongly suggest that you mind your fellow competitors during the race and try not to interfere with anyone’s progress along the way.

Kits pick up 

  • You can find us on Friday between 13:00 - 19:00 and on Saturday between 09:30 - 19:00 at EXPO BRAȘOV RUNNING FESTIVAL. This is located in CS Forex building, at the end of Camil Petrescu Street (the intersection with December 13 Street). 
  • In case you`re only joining us on Sunday, you may pick up your kit between 08:00 - 10:00. Keep in mind that the 5K Open race starts at 09:00.

BIB / Race numbers

  • All participants must wear the official race number.
  • Please wear your number on the front of your t-shirt from start to finish, so you can be recognized as an official participant, and grab your race photos later on. If you do not find the Get Pica QR codes attached on the contest number, please do so yourself (they will be in the kit). 
  • The participants’ race numbers are specific personal identifiers, and they may not be exchanged or transferred, given, or sold to any other person. The sale and/or transfer of the race entries/numbers is strictly prohibited. Electronic timing chips are also attached on them. It’s essential to finish the race wearing them! 


  • We provide storage for personal belongings during the race, but please note that we do not store strollers, large bags, bicycles, rollers, etc. We can take care of personal belongings such as sweaters, hats, shoes, and other clothes. We do not take responsibility for valuables (phones, laptops, jewelry, etc.). Wardrobe service is provided by volunteers. 

Moving within the festival

  • We ask you to only use the pedestrian crossings to get from one side of the road to the other, in specially marked areas, and where the competition space is not delimited with fences or tape. 
  • Do not enter the competition route while you assist the race! Even if you are a parent, cheer up your child from the sidelines, not from the race road!

Amateur race schedule

Children and junior races take place on Saturday, September 9th. The competition starts at 17:15 – 3K juniors, 17:45 – 800m young children, 18:15 – 1200m older children. After children’s races you can assist the 5K National Championship for seniors, and a record attempt in the 1 Mile road race. The award ceremonies will take place on the same day. 

On Sunday, September 10th, open races take place according to the following schedule: 09:00 – 5K Open, 11:30 – 10K Open. Between 10:00 and 11:20 you can assist the 10K elite race, that brings together at the start line some of the fastest runners on the planet. 

Other key information

  • Pay attention to the announcements made by the event announcer. They will help you have the best competition experience.
  • Our volunteers will be on the route to help you with any information, call them whenever you have a doubt.
  • The competition days are expected to be warm. It’s important to hydrate and eat properly. You can find fresh water from Zizin, and delicious juices from Olympus at the event place. For an optimal nutrition, we recommend you the products of our partners from

Don’t forget to have fun

  • On Saturday, children and their parents can enjoy Gașca ZURLI show - powered by Coresi at 16:00.
  • On Sunday, after the races, we will enjoy together 2 special concerts: VUNK and ANTONIA.
  • Throughout the event, children (and not only) will be able to enjoy sports activities of all kinds, together with our partners from Decathlon. We also prepared for you numerous surprises and activities, organized by our partners and sponsors.
  • In the end, take a moment to yourself. Taste an Ursus Cooler and enjoy everything you have experienced. 


We know that you might be nervous, excited and curious, but do not forget that Brașov Running Festival is a celebration of running lovers, a sports show, and a reunion of beautiful people who live healthily! We will have a great time together! Can’t wait to enjoy “fast run & great fun”! 

For up-to-date information, or possible changes in the event’s performance, follow our Social Media channels:



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Course Map

Brasov Running Festival 2023 course map for the race of 800 meters
800 meters race map Powered by tRUNsylvania
Brasov Running Festival 2023 course map for the race of 1 Mile
1 Mile race map Powered by tRUNsylvania
Brasov Running Festival 2023 course map for the race of 1200 meters
1200 meters race map
Brasov Running Festival 2023 course map for the race of 3 kilometers
3 kilometers race map Powered by tRUNsylvania
Brasov Running Festival 2023 course map for the race of 5 kilometers
5 kilometers race map
Brasov Running Festival 2023 course map for the race of 10 kilometers
10 kilometers race map Powered by tRUNsylvania

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