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Brasov Running Festival aims to bring 2,500 runners and over 25,000 spectators to its 4th edition in September

Brasov Running Festival aims to bring 2,500 runners and over 25,000 spectators to its 4th edition in September
• The 4th edition of the Brasov Running Festival will take place on September 21-22, 2024, in the Coresi neighborhood;
• The 10K race - the fastest road race in Southeast Europe - aims to be in the Top 3 Worldwide this year;
• The organizers are preparing a spectacular starting list, rivaling the most prestigious 10K competitions in the world - Valencia, Prague, or Boston;
• Adidas confirmed as the technical partner for 2024;


Brasov, April 8th, 2024

The organizers of the Brasov Running Festival, the most important athletics event in the World Athletics calendar in Southeast Europe, aim to double the number of participants in 2024. Therefore, 2,500 amateur runners are expected to register for the 4th edition, and over 25,000 spectators are expected to experience the festival atmosphere, alongside DJs and renowned artists.

This year, the 4th edition of the Brasov Running Festival will take place between September 21-22, in the Coresi neighborhood. In 2024, the competition will host, alongside races dedicated to amateurs, children, and juniors, the two certified races for professional athletes from the World Toplists: the tRUNsylvania International 10K and the European Road Mile. Additionally, in partnership with the Romanian Athletics Federation, the National 10K Championship will also takeplace within the competition, featuring Romania's top athletes.

The previous edition was yet another proof that in Brasov we are building a significant event. Of course, this construction is gradual, not overnight, but from one edition to another, the development is obvious. This year, we aim to have the event with the highest number of Brasov citizens at the starting line, while also increasing the number of runners from Bucharest, Cluj, and the rest of the country. Considering the spectacle provided by elite athletes, unique in this part of Europe, we estimate that more and more people will include this competition in their personal event calendar",stated Daniel Santa, the director of the Brasov Running Festival competition.

According to him, 90% of the registered amateur and professional runners were Romanians, while nearly 10% came from abroad, from countries such as Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, the United States of America, Ukraine, the Netherlands, as well as Kenya and Uganda. Thus, in 2024, as a result of intense media coverage in over 162 countries, the Brasov Running Festival is preparing to host a much larger number of foreign runners, especially Europeans among amateurs and of African origin among professionals.

The previous edition has turned the Brasov Running Festival into a preferred international stage for athletes aiming for great performance, with the 10K race for women becoming one of the fastest in the world, while the 10K race for men proved that this course is one of the fastest 10 globally.

"A few years ago, we couldn't even dream of such a competition taking place in Romania. The Elite 10K race is already one that top elite athletes consider when planning their competition calendar, and for Romanian athletes it's an almost unique opportunity to interact and even compete with athletes of such a level. Not to mention the spectators, who have the chance to witness races like few others in the world. Besides the top athletes, we aim to motivate the younger generations to gradually integrate running into their lives, and here we make sure to offer prizes, contests, concerts, good energy, and experiences accordingly", Daniel Santa added.

Children, juniors, and adult mass runners benefit from an organized and certified framework, according to the global standards set by World Athletics, with the sporting experience complemented by the festival atmosphere of the competition. Thus, over 25,000 spectators are expected to watch, at the foot of Tampa Mountain, spectaculous races, witness records being set, historic moments, and enjoy the presence of great local artists.

Adidas, technical partner also in 2024

Also this year, the Brasov Running Festival confirms its partnership with Adidas as the technical sponsor of the event. Participants will run in professional athletics shirts, made entirely from recycled material.

Registrations are already open for amateur athletes in the 5K and 10Kraces, with registrations for children's races, divided into age categories, set to start in the second half of April. Thus, on the first day of the competition, there will be races for juniors and children, covering distances of 800 m, 1,200 m, and 3,000 m, while on the second day, the mass participation races are scheduled, with distances of 5 and 10 kilometers, as well as Romania’s national 10K championship.

Professional athletes (licensed athletes) who wish to participate in elite races (tRUNsylvania International 10K, European Road Mile, BRF 3K juniors, or BRF 5K) are kindly requested to send a request to

Registrations are made on the event's website:

You can find more details about how the Brasov Running Festival 2023 unfolded here:



About Brașov Running Festival

Brasov Running Festival is the most important athletic event in the World Athletics calendar in Southeast Europe. Organized in Brasov since 2021, the competition includes an annual 10 km road race accredited with the World Athletics Elite Label, titled the 'tRUNsylvania International 10K'. Beyond this, the running festival also features a multitude of other races for amateurs, children, and professionals alike.

The races take place on a loop with a length of 3,494 m, using the same finish line but having starting points that vary depending on the length of the stage. In 2023, Brasov Running Festival also hosted, for the first time, the 'European Road Mile' race, in which over 20 European athletes from countries such as Turkey, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Bulgaria competed.

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